Who can have dental aesthetics?

Problems in the general appearance of the teeth are the most important factor affecting the social life of people. Teeth that look pleasing to the eye and are aligned in harmony when smiling add a positive effect to people’s lives, and this appearance is one of the most effective signs of personal care. A pleasant smile significantly increases one’s communication and self-confidence, thereby increasing success and happiness in business and private life.

The existing crookedness in the alignment of the teeth, large gaps in the tooth gap or darkened teeth affect your smile negatively. Besides these; veneers, darkened fillings and gum problems, which have previously been made in bad harmony and colour, also negatively affect both your oral and dental health and your aesthetic appearance.

For all these reasons, dental aesthetic applications are very important to contribute positively to the general and mental health of the person. Every person who is disturbed by the appearance of their teeth can achieve the desired appearance with the most appropriate treatment method after a specialist examination.

What are the most commonly used methods in dental aesthetics?

  • Lamina (leaf) porcelains
  • Full ceramic coatings
  • Porcelain fillings

What is dental implant application? How long will it take?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium. After the biological bonding process between this structure, which is compatible with human tissue and the jawbone, they become a part of the body.

In cases of single tooth deficiency, in addition to the opportunity it provides to complete the deficiency without any application to the adjacent healthy teeth; In cases of multiple missing teeth, resolution is provided with fixed teeth. With the implants placed in the jawbone with a small surgical intervention under local anesthesia, the person can return to his daily life immediately after the procedure.

Following this implant application, it takes approximately 3 months for the implants to fully bond to the jawbone. At the end of this process, the stage of making the teeth begins. This stage can vary between 3-10 days in line with the design of the teeth and the aesthetic appearance of the person.

What is dental aesthetics in a single session? How long will it take?

Today, there are dentistry technologies that enable dental treatments performed with aesthetic concern to be performed in a short time.

Aesthetic dental treatments such as leaf porcelain application, full ceramic bridge applications and porcelain filling can be completed in a single session. The image taken with a digital camera following the preparation of the dental impression is transferred to the computer environment in 3D. The doctor and the patient evaluate the appearance of the new tooth together in the computer environment. At the end of this period; The new tooth is prepared by the device by scraping from special porcelain blocks.

Thus; aesthetic dental solutions can be reached in one day without rehearsing for days and without sensitivity problems.

Porcelains applied with this system do not contain metal in their structure. It’s structure is the closest material to the natural structure of the tooth; In addition, it is similar to natural teeth with its light transmittance.

What is a teeth whitening application?

Tea, cigarettes, coffee or some other foods cause darkening of the teeth due to microscopic gaps in the structure of the teeth. Preparations applied to the surfaces of the teeth with the whitening process; removes the factors that cause darkening of the teeth from the structure of the teeth.

The whitening application does not cause any harm to the teeth. Teeth whitening process; for the application to be made according to the existing colour, it may take several sessions. In addition, the patient, with a special technique; can continue to whiten by applying it alone at home or at work. Your teeth; according to age, structure and first colour can be whitened 2-3 tones.